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"Living outside the US and unaware of the inner workings of the US admissions process, I was blessed to have someone as well-versed with the process as College Guru to help me through the process."




"My interaction with her was very healthy, easy and valuable. It definitely did help me get clarity."

- P. Rana



"The meetings so far have been extremely beneficial. I like the fact that the feedback has been very detailed and highly customised to individuals like me."

- Anika. G



"Interactive sessions was cherished. Also it did help me to apply for colleges in a particular field."

- B. Shaon


"Thank you, auntie. You were 99.9% accurate in everything you told me. I got the clarity and closure that I need in order for me to make the right decisions. So thank you."

- A. Rao



"It was amazing meeting you and it helped a lot. I'm still wondering how you got to know about me, so much in detail by talking to me just for 20 minutes. You've really opened a lot of options for me and thank you so so much. You're really very warm and comforting. I don't usually open up to people so easily. The study tips seem to be really useful too, and I'm sure I'll utilise them. Thanks for the lovely experience!”

- K. Mehta



"I feel as though I benefited greatly from this process. I learned more about myself and how I can improve in my school life and just generally. Everything that was told to me seemed accurate and done thoroughly. I really know how to work forward and be successful."

- N. Gulhati



"Working with you was overall an amazing experience, I didn't feel as if I was calling my college counselor instead felt like I was talking to my friend or even at times my shrink! As an extremely stressed person, you made sure I remained calm and constantly were a reassuring force in a mind-boggling process that is college applications. Thank you for everything."

- M. Chatwal, Tufts University



"I applied to college in the US as a senior in the American School of Paris in France. I have gotten into several good universities including UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgia Tech, and I owe much of it to College Guru.  Living outside the US and unaware of the inner workings of the US admissions process, I was blessed to have someone as well-versed with the process as College Guru to help me through the process. As an Indian applicant, I was informed by College Guru what to highlight in my application, what department to apply for, and how difficult certain schools will be to get in given my demographic, bringing personalised data and advice to the table. College Guru is very prompt and methodical; all of my questions were answered within an hour and all of my essays went through countless drafts and were meticulously edited until they were perfect. Without College Guru, I wouldn’t have been successful in the vague, 'holistic' process that is US admissions."

- Vignesh, Paris



 "I am a senior at the American School of Paris. Sometime during June last year, I began working on my college application to the United States. I worked with College Guru on my US university admissions. I was struck by how friendly she was, which made it easier for me to ask her the several questions I had on this relatively confusing college application process. Following my deferral at Cornell University, she advised me on how I should go about writing a deferral letter, which was helpful. What impressed me was the essay assistance that she gave me. After writing a few drafts of my common app, I asked College Guru if she could look over my essay and give me feedback. Within a few days, she emailed back with her comments.Thanks to her I got into many of the top engineering schools namely Georgia Tech, UCLA, and UIUC."

- Pranav, Paris



"The interaction was intriguing, interesting, deep and clarifying. I did benefit from the process and was able to choose the right school board for myself and was also able to thoroughly understand the purpose and concepts of subjects that were newly introduced to me."

- Student



"Yes, I think it greatly benefited me and gave me a clearer idea not only about my strengths and weaknesses currently but also about my future."

- Student



"I found it to be very open and warm which helped in making me comfortable to express myself openly. The session opened up avenues that I never considered earlier."

- Student



"Amardeep gave me clarity about my strengths and weaknesses and in what I should later. She spoke in a very friendly kind manner and it was great to hear the feedback"

- Student

“For us, as parents to understand our child better and to help him to have the best life that he so deserves. It would not have been possible without your help.”




"Wide-ranging discussion about our son in many areas. Lots of interesting insights that we agreed with. Also, many interesting insights that we found we agreed with but hadn't really thought about until then. The discussion helped in clarifying many of the choices in front of us and our son. We feel we are better prepared to make the decisions in front of us now."

- R. Raman



"The session gave us all a sense of clarity about my son, the approach and direction we need to take with regards to his future. It also opened our eyes to the changes we need to make ourselves. Amardeep has a way with the students. I think my son opened up quite well with her and was quite appreciative of her. She was very clear in her observations and gave us very succinct pointers on where and how we could make those changes."

- L. Swamy



"Thank you so much for all the input that you provided us with. Especially our son, to get such clarity about himself and not to feel so wrong all the time. For us, as parents to understand our child better and to help him to have the best life that he so deserves. It would not have been possible without your help."

- Pallavi. S

"Amardeep seemed to be quite experienced in her area of work. Her communication with my son was very clear. She could easily put across things to him which I struggle with for e.g. importance of being open to new ideas, considering technology in addition to biology etc. Most importantly, my son loved the time we spent with her. Time seemed to just fly with lots of good things to take home and be absolutely positive about the future as a student and as a human being. We knew at the end of it that she would always be there to guide us!"

- Dr. Anantalakshmi

"You were spot on in your assessment of our daughter. You could point out the positives and negatives of her much better than us, parents. More importantly, you came out to be a warm, friendly, and accessible person."

- Rao parents


"Amardeep has been very helpful to us from the beginning. Her consultation and direction on summer programs starting from 9th grade helped us to focus on the particular area of interest to the student. She helped in profile building by making sure that our daughter continued to participate in various extracurricular activities throughout high school, be it sports, community service, or cultural activities. Her guidance in activities such as internships, research, etc. both inside and outside of school was very timely and necessary. She was in continuous communication with our daughter to emphasize the importance of keeping up her grades in school.

We got help and guidance from Amardeep during the college selection process as well. She helped our daughter to choose the colleges that are appropriate for her and to maintain required timelines, also assisted in selecting colleges regarding the early decision, early action, and regular decision.

The biggest advantage is Amardeep is very easy to communicate and open up with. Our daughter was very comfortable talking to her, discussing her feelings and thoughts. She was mostly available when she needed her. We would like to thank Amardeep for her service and contribution without which we could not have achieved the successful result."

- Parents of N. Prasad (TISB)



"Ms. Amardeep focuses on all aspects of the child and his potential, she was bang on in her analysis, and we were so comfortable talking to her. Most of all I loved the fact she would help me choose the best place for my child."

- Parent



"She was approachable, patient, and thorough. She helped put my daughter's options in perspective without discouraging her."

- Parent



"Amardeep is a thorough professional and knows everything in depth with proper experience and research. Her knowledge of the educational industry is immense. She tries her level best to understand the child and parents individually and also their relations within themselves. We have seen her taking extra steps and attempts to understand the situation deeply. She is never in a hurry to give the solution in the first meeting itself... her research is a very important aspect of her initiative."

- Parent



"She 100% gives personal attention to every case and treats everyone individually. Her global knowledge adds a big role in her counseling sessions as it opens up unknown horizons that we never touched upon or got time to focus on. Her work is very personal and not clinical/commercial as she knows that it's a matter of shaping someone's life with her valuable suggestion, so she is very careful and accurate with her observations."

- Parent



"We are very happy to have her attached with our daughter's evaluation at this early stage as our daughter can listen to her advice with closed eyes and an open mind which is a miracle for any teenager in today's generation."

- Parent



"Very open discussion, it helped us understand the potential of our child and areas she can and can't excel in based on her personality. Amardeep has been very professional in all our interactions with her and provided very honest feedback. Our discussions with her will help our daughter choose the right opportunities for her future."

- Parent



"It has been a great pleasure to have interacted with Amardeep, College Guru. We have got many useful inputs and fresh perspectives regarding our son's strengths and possible career choices in addition to excellent insights on his learning styles. We are looking forward to continuing the engagement with College Guru."

- Parent



"Ms. Amardeep focuses on all aspects of the child and his potential. She was bang on in her analysis, and it was so comfortable talking to her, most of all I loved the fact she would help me choose the best place for my child."

- Parent



"Our interaction with Amardeep was useful to us in many ways, she understood our child's learning style, his personality and gave good suggestions on how to prepare for college."

- Parent



"She was approachable patient and thorough. She helped put my daughter's options in perspective without discouraging her."

- Parent



"It was quite an eye-opener for us as parents! Most of it was familiar to us but some were interesting. It provided clarity and guidance to choose a career ahead and go beyond the conventional."

- Parent

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