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For Parents

Do you work with students who dont want to go for overseas eduaction and study in India?


We don't work with specific countries or colleges - our work revolves around what works best for you and your child. If you want your child to continue studying in India, we will do everything we can to find the best possible option for them. The transition from high school into college is a tough one whether you're going abroad or staying home.

What are the benefits of starting the college process before 12th grade? Does it really make a difference?

Often the biggest regret students have is not starting the college process earlier. Students often wish they had more information on which tests to take, and when they should take those tests during their 11th grade. Contrary to popular belief, Grade 11 is the most important year academically for college preparation. As college applications are due before first semester 12th-grade marks are released, students do not have many opportunities to change their academic record after Grade 11.

My child is only in the 9th or 10th grade, is it too early to start?

The program can help younger students (9th-10th grade) learn high school study skills and organizational habits that will make them more successful in the classroom. In addition to time management and note-taking techniques, students will have the opportunity to explore different career options and academic paths and learn how their extracurricular activities fit into their academic goals. Students will also begin thinking about test preparation plans for the SAT/ACT.

How important are summer programs?

We believe there is definite value to letting “kids be kids”. In today’s society, there is an extreme amount of pressure for students to have every minute of their day scheduled which can lead to early burn-out. We believe that balanced summer programs are the most effective way for your child to succeed in their long-term goals. We can help you and your family find enriching activities for your child, whether that is an internship, a job, a camp, or a summer scholar’s program, that will still allow your child to feel like their summer was balanced, engaging, and fun. We do not take a one size fits all approach to summer planning; every child is different and will need summer programming based on their individual needs. You can feel confident that we will help you create a summer the whole family will be happy with while ensuring that your child is on a good path to meet all of their collegiate goals.


For Students

I've nearly finished high school and don't know what I want to do yet...

Many students finish high school and still don't quite know what they want to do. We are here to help you choose the right path at this point in time! Remember, nothing is set in stone and there are always opportunities to change or modify your degree later on.

What if I want to study in India?

We assist students in applying for colleges overseas as well as within India itself. While location is an important aspect of studying, it's also about which university suits you best - whether it's in the UK or India!

I'm concerned about living in a new country. Can you help?

We know that one of the biggest struggles students face is getting accustomed to a new country and culture. We provide support and information that helps you adjust to a new way of life!

I've never lived on my own... what if I find it difficult?

We'll do everything we can to prepare you for life on your own, away from your family and usual comforts of home. It's always a little tough at the beginning but you'll surprise yourself as you adjust to a new way of living and make a new life for yourself.

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