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Our Services

We offer two types of services at College Guru which have been tailored to address every aspect of the college application process. Our services will help you and your child with subject and curriculum choices in high school and university as well as tackling the university application process. No matter what stage you and your child are in, we will ensure that you come out of the experience with clarity and confidence.


Personal Assessment

The Personal Assessment involves a complete psychometric test using various instruments followed by a detailed analysis presented to the student and parents


Includes: sessions, psychometric assessment, one-on-one appointments, detailed analysis

of results.

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Long Term Mentoring

The program consists of a series of monthly or bi-weekly check-ins that ensure the student is on track to achieve his or her higher education goals.

Includes: sessions, outside research on internships, scholarships,  summer programs, emails, phone calls, one-on-one meetings, reviewing essays and applications for programs.

personal assessment



The student and parents meet with us separately so that we can understand the family background and preferences if any. We do a one-on-one meeting over the phone on in person with the parents to get an overview of the requirements and a one-on-one interaction with the student by administering a group of customized assessments and questionnaires intended to get a deeper insight of the child’s unique personality.


The final session with both the student and the parents to discuss the findings of the assessments and the academic advisor’s guidance regarding the student’s traits, strengths and weaknesses, study habits, possible career choices, guidance on curriculum choices and specific individualized suggestions.

Long term

Long Term


Starting the college process early can help reduce the overall stress of the application process for both the student and the family. Our long term mentoring program is specifically designed for 9th and 10th-grade students.


We create an individually tailored profile after evaluating academic progress and academic achievements, sports, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and interests. We also help craft the student’s academic career to be successful in the college application process. While we do not provide test preparation services, we can recommend test preparation tutors and companies that our students have found successful. Most importantly, we make ourselves available to you until you have chosen a school that is a good fit academically, socially, emotionally, and financially.


  • Study, organization and time-management tips

  • Essay brainstorming sessions + review of all college application essays

  • Interview preparation + resume editing

  • Scholarship search and scholarship essay review

  • Advice on making successful college visits + course selection

  • Help students make critical decisions about AP courses and exams

  • Guidance on early action, early decision, priority admission & regular admissions

  • Building a balanced college list for the student (reach, safety, and target colleges)

  • Crafting engaging summer programs that are a good fit academically and financially

  • Application consulting 

  • Guidance on college school selection with an emphasis on finding the best fit colleges (academically and socially)

  • Discussions about which type of tests should be taken (ACT, SAT, SAT II), and when in the application process those tests should be taken

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